Stationery Filter Retro Kit for LMW & RTR Ring Frames.

We have  introduced a new concept for LMW and Riteter ring frame in the pneumafil duct waste collection system called “stationery Filter”. The existing rotor filter with pistons, valves and pressure switch arrangement causes trouble in choking of waste and cause brake down due to non rotating of rotating filter, failure in piston, valves and pressure switch etc., On replacing our stationery Filter retro fit kit, just stay tension free from any type of waste chocking.

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Stationery Filter

We bring in new perception for Long spinning Machine in the pneumafil duct waste collection called “Stationery Filter”.

Need For Stationery Filter Retro Fir Kit – Why Stationery Filter is required?

  • Sudden struck of existing Rotary Drum
  • Failure of piston movement
  • Piston maintenance
  • High maintenance of Rotary Filter
  • Frequent screen changing in filter section

Features Of Stationery Filter

  • Maintenance free
  • Complete elimination of piston usage resulting non usage of air
  • Enhances suction pressure
  • Very less suction leakage

Stationery Filter Retro Fit Kit = Zero power, Zero air & Zero maintenance cost