Flat Clearer brush conversion

TRUMAC & TRUTZCHLER DK 740, DK 780, DK 803, DK-903, TC 03.

RTR C4, C10,C50, C51, C60, and C70 Carding machines.

The above cardings are not with the flat cleaning system for cleaning the micro dust, which reult in accumulation of micro dust and seed particles in flat tops. We offer to provide complete system of flat clearer attachment which will help to keep the flats clean from micro dust and seed coats. This helps in achieving consistent NEP removal efficiency for the output given by the cards. Moreover usage of compressed air to clean flat and the man power for doing it also saved by this conversion. This is also applicable for the cards which are processing 100% Polyester and blends. The deposition if Titanium Di-Oxide on the flats is removed by this drive arrangement and achieves consistent NEP removal efficiency.